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Zoom on In

Vol. 1, No. 20 4 May 2020

The first Commission Meeting to be held by ZOOM in the City of south Miami will happen tomorrow. Unless you are used to looking for the meeting announcements, you probably have not learned how to join. Copied here are instructions for joining the meeting.

"The meeting will be held as a VIRTUAL MEETING through communication media technology with the members of the City Commission and City staff participating through video conferencing. This virtual meeting will be held on the Zoom platform used by the City Clerk for live remote participation. Members of the public may join the meeting via Zoom at ( and participate. In addition, a dedicated phone line will be available so that any individual who does not wish (or is unable) to use Zoom, may listen to and participate in the meeting by dialing 1-786-635-1003 Meeting ID: 305 663 6338. The public may merely view the meeting live on the City’s website: ( (“Granicus”) as well as Channel 667 on Atlantic Broadband or by AT&T U-Verse.

If you plan on participating in the meeting, either in person if allowed, or through the Zoom platform or by teleconferencing, you must, on or before 4:00 p.m. one business day* before the meeting, sign up for the meeting by delivering to the above addresses, or by calling the City Clerk at 305-663-6340, your Sign-up Information which is your (1) name, (2) physical address, (3) phone number, (4)facsimile number, if any, (5) email address, if any, and (6)a description of the item on the agenda upon which you intend to present your verbal comments/evidence (Topic). If you have timely signed up for the meeting, at the appropriate time you will be called upon and you may speak on the Topic and present your evidence (physical and testimonial) or comments through your choice of communication, either Zoom, teleconferencing or, if allowed, in person.

In addition to the foregoing, the City Commission Chambers at City Hall located at 6130 Sunset Dr. shall be open commencing at 6:30 pm on the day of the meeting in order to live stream public comment by those lacking an ability to participate and be heard through their own communication media technology. A person will be present to receive into the record materials presented by those attendees; however, if you failed to deliver your documents in advance of the meeting, as required above, your documents will be made part of the public record, but will not be presented to the other participants or be made part of a quasi-judicial record. The City will strictly enforce the operative provisions of all controlling Executive Orders relating to social distancing and no one with a cough, who has a fever, or who is not wearing an appropriate facial covering will be admitted. Uniform Police Officers shall be present to ensure enforcement. Persons shall be required to sit at least ten (10) feet from one another and maintain ten (10) feet of distance when standing in line to enter or exist the building, the restrooms and the Commission Chambers and when standing to speak at the podium. These rules may be amended by the City Manager, and he may add additional rules.

The members of the City Commission, . . . and City staff will participate by video conferencing through the Zoom platform and members of the public may join the meeting via Zoom at ( and participate. If you desire to present evidence or you are unable to use Zoom, there are procedures to follow and other options available including a dedicated phone line to listen and participate in the meeting and limited public attendance, all of which is set forth in the meeting notice posted at City Hall and at Anyone who wishes to review pending applications and supporting documentation in person must make an appointment by calling 305-663-6340."

* 2 business days before the meeting, not counting the day

of the meeting, but counting the day the item is delivered.

The Miami-Dade Public Library System's operating hours for outdoor pick-up services are changing. Effective Monday, May 4th, all 50 library locations will be providing outdoor walk-up services: Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Patrons will be able to pre-order library materials and pick them up at their preferred branch when the materials are ready.

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See you tomorrow evening!

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