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Vol. 1, No. 49 November 11, 2020


Due to the epidemic, only a few people were invited to be present at the State of the City occasion. However, the program will be streaming live for all who are interested. The state of the City from my point of view is a summary of what has happened in South Miami during the last nine months (to the day!). I welcome all interested viewers and hope that this time next year, we won't have to take such stringent precautions.


Miami-Dade County approved the allocation of $135,000 to South Miami for one of our COVID-19 Projects. In order to be approved and reimbursable under the CARES Act, the proposed project is required to aide residents that have been negatively financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City’s project is a Publix grocery gift card program: limited to one $100 gift card per residence).

Residents are required to complete an affidavit* in order to claim the gift card. The City Manager’s Office will retain a list of the applicants and verify the individual is a resident and that there is only one individual receiving the gift card per household. All funds must be properly distributed to eligible recipients by 12/30/2020. Residents have until Monday, December 7th to submit the required paperwork. This information and affidavit has been added to the City website and can be found here:

* click here: for the affidavit


The experts are predicting an upswing in the number of people contacting the corona virus right after Thanksgiving. Please be careful about family gatherings. As one official said (not jokingly) "Don't kill grandma." Family crowds can put vulnerable people in danger. Please wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Keep healthy, stay safe!

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