• Sally B. Philips

Walter's Entreaty Repeated

Vol. 3, No. 2 6 March 2022

My friend and neighbor Walter Harris told me that within a very few hours of his first entreaty on March 3, he had been told that more than $500 had been donated. In response to that outpouring, he asked me to post the following:

Still a Need

For those who have donated to Ukraine and notified me, thank you.

To those who have donated but have not notified me, again, thank you.

To those who have not donated, please do.

No matter how small … it’s the caring that counts. $5 to $500 or any amount, it means you are with the Ukrainians in this time of national terror unlike any before. By your giving any amount and letting me know, you will help South Miami unite and help inspire other communities to do similar programs.

Please, respond to this urgent plea. The deadline is March 10. I will not mention names, only the amount and the name of the organization to which you donated. God bless you and God bless Ukraine.

Thank you,

Walter Harris


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