• Sally B. Philips


Vol. 3, No. 1 3 March 2022

My friend and neighbor Walter Harris discussed the following letter with me. I offered to send it to all who receive this email.

How South Miami residents can help Ukraine

Fellow South Miamians,

We in South Miami stand with the Ukrainians as they resist overwhelming Russian aggression.

We can help reduce their suffering by contributing to any of the international charities recommended by Charity Navigator that are providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

Of those charities receiving 4 stars, my favorite is Save the Children.

The need is urgent. Please contribute before 10 March.

When you send your contribution, specify that it is for Ukraine.

Then drop me an email at to let me know that you contributed, and if you are OK with sharing, let me know how much you contributed so I can keep a tally of South Miami’s collective generosity.

We believe that contributing to the relief efforts will bring South Miamians closer together and will assist and encourage Ukrainians.

Please, South Miami, let our generosity and voices be felt and heard.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me, Walter Harris, at (305) 302-1026.

Please share this with your neighbors.

Yours truly,

Walter Harris

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