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Vol. 1, No. 33 June 27, 2020

UP and GOING UP . . .

the numbers of Covid-19 cases. You all know that. Miami-Dade County has the greatest proportion of cases. The State over all has 0.57% of the population positive for the virus. Miami-Dade County is almost twice that much: 1.1% as of noon on Friday, June 26. When I did the math on the numbers the day before, Florida was 0.53% and Miami-Dade was 1.04%. Palm Beach County which has the next highest proportion was 0.80 on Thursday, and 0.84 on Friday. Last weekend I was visiting family in St. Augustine, and I noticed that very few people were wearing masks in public. People are getting careless.


The State has issued more stringent guidelines for protection. So has South Miami. In our City, as of Tuesday, June 23, people are supposed to wear masks unless they are at least 6 feet from anyone else. People must wear their masks into businesses - including restaurants. Only when they are seated may people remove their masks. In South Miami businesses will be given one warning if they are not abiding by the County mandate. The second time, they will be shut down for 96 hours. I was delighted to see one restaurant owner offer masks to two people who had come into his dining area without them. He was taking care of them, all the other diners, himself and his staff. If everyone were as careful, the ripple effect of the Covid-19 spread would be dampened and, eventually stopped.


South Miami is still 16th of 34 cities in Miami-Dade when it comes to completing the census. So far 61% of our inhabitants have done so. Please do not wait until the deadline has passed.


Research shows that children who do not read over the summer, fall behind in the upcoming school year, also known as the “summer slide.”

With camps, libraries, and extracurricular activities closed due to COVID-19, The Travelling Library Miami began as an initiative to keep children stimulated and intellectually engaged over the summer through level-appropriate books. All books are used, and conditions of books vary. Please handle with care. How it works: 1) Sign up on the form here for your child 2) Your child picks a book every one to two weeks 3) Every week we will drop off a book to your home and pick up the previous book. We are also taking book donations and financial donations! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at *Each of our books is thoroughly and safely sanitized in between readers.*


In order to light up the sculptures, the park will be closed on July 14th and 15th for the electrical cables to be buried.


For coloring book, click here; for Mad Libs, click here;

for activity book, click here; and for trivia game, click here.



* * * *

Keep healthy, stay safe.

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