• Sally B. Philips

Thankfulness and Caring

Vol. 1, No. 50 November 22, 2020


All who donated food this year: Winn-Dixie for turkeys, Interval International employees for boxes of dinner makings, MacEdwards, TLC, and CWC.


Pre-application for the 20 two- and three-bedroom apartments that will be ready at the end of January are being accepted now until December 10. To find the application go to Keep scrolling down the page; the application is at the very bottom along with a map showing the area known as the Marshall Williamson Area (also, see below). People who have been or are residents of this area are given priority in the selection process. Given priority, also, are Social Workers who work full-time with children from that area, and "role models." Role models include educators, firefighters, police officers, and medical care providers. See the application for greater detail.

Marshall Williamson area:



Urban Oasis Project, the coordinator of the Saturday Farmers' Market at the South Miami Library parking lot, always promotes that the farmers' market accepts and doubles SNAP benefits up to $40 per day for fresh Florida produce, in partnership with Feeding Florida Fresh Access Bucks program.


Wellness Mondays are back! Two of the 4-part cooking series are still to come: November 23rd and 30th…at 1:00 pm…. Register here:

Or email Yvette Martinez at


The Federal Aviation Administration is seeking comments on its Final Environmental Assessment about the impacts of a new, more efficient design for airplane departures and landings. Some of it will mean approaches that are lower and over more developed land. To see the electronic copies of this assessment, click on: hppt:// or go to a Miami-Dade Library. Probably the nearest library which will have a copy is the Main Library at 101 W. Flagler Street. It can also be viewed at the four Miami-Dade Regional Libraries.


I have been asked about the possibility of reactivating the Community Relations Board. This is the description of the board and its composition:

Said Board "shall consist of seventeen (17) members. The members shall be diverse, religious and ethnic. These individuals shall be selected because of their leadership role in their own groups, with two appointees between the ages of 18 and 30. Appointees shall serve for a period of two years or until their successor is appointed, whichever comes later. Meetings shall take place at least once every three (3) months. (Amended by Ordinance No. 1999 adopted 5/5/09)"

In order to reactivate this Board, I need to know whether there is general interest in it and whether there are people willing to serve on it. Please contact me either by email ( or by phone (305-608-2973).


Here are some of the troubles of rising ground water and septic tanks. I'm quoting from the Department of Health of Miami-Dade County.

"If your home is served by a septic tank and your plumbing is functioning slowly or sluggishly, you should:

- Conserve water as much as possible. If you use less water, you will increase the chance of not having any septic problems. This would include minimizing the use of your washing machine by going to a laundromat. Also, consider using a portable restroom.

- Do not have the septic tank pumped. Exceptionally high water tables might crush a septic tank that was pumped dry, or it could pop out of the ground. If the main problem is high ground water, pumping the tank will not solve that problem.

- If you cannot use your plumbing without creating a sanitary nuisance, such as sewage on top of the ground, consider renting a portable restroom for a temporary period, or moving to a new location until conditions improve.

- Do not have the septic tank and drain field repaired until the ground water has receded below the bottom of the drain field. Often, systems will function properly again when dry conditions return. Any repair must be permitted and inspected by the Department."


A good duet will be playing outside at Sunset Tavern starting around 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 25.


Many health professionals are predicting an up-swing in the number of people contracting COVID-19 right after the Thanksgiving weekend.

They are fearful that people will forget about social distancing and wearing masks when they have large dinner gatherings. The CDC has urged people not to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. Please be careful while being thankful.

Stay healthy, be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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