• Sally B. Philips

Something New

Vol. 2, No. 12 April 9, 2021


The Florida Department of Elder Affairs posted the following information and it was forwarded to me by an AARP volunteer:

"Please see the below vaccine scam. There is one circulating for the Moderna vaccine as well. This is NOT legitimate! Please make everyone aware of this. Here is what people need to know: 1. There is no survey program like this

2. There is no “reward” program for taking a survey like this

3. This isn’t the Pfizer logo

4. Go to their official website, no information on a survey of any kind

5. Pfizer is located in New York NOT Nevada or Florida

6. If you hover over the links, they all go the same place, and it is NOT a good place to go

I have only attached a picture of the survey, because I don’t want to have anyone unintentionally click on the links.

Diabetes Life Manager (in the bottom line) . . . no, just no."

POPEYES 0220-13646, 6800 Red Road, South Miami, FL


Popeyes is remodeling the chicken restaurant that was on the corner of SW 68 Street and Red Road. There are three job openings at this new Popeyes' location:

Assistant Manager, Mechanical Technician and Team Member. In order to apply, when you go to the website, look for openings under Miami and then for 6800 Red Road.


Since there is no parking in the area, please do one of the following: (1) download and ride Freebee, or (2) park at South Miami Park (4300 SW 58th Avenue) and take the shuttle service which will be available upon arrival.


Keep healthy, stay safe!

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