• Sally B. Philips

Small, but Important Changes

(1) On Saturday, when you come to pick up your Farm Share distribution come in the 69th Street entrance to the Community Center's parking lot.

(2) The Miami-Dade County Fire Department is doing in-home testing in South Miami for symptomatic (fever, cough, shortness of breath) people who are home-bound and over 65 years old or disabled. This is by appointment only. They are scheduling 24 home visits a day and only scheduling a day ahead. So call early - starting at 9 am - (305) 499-8767.

(3) The City of South Miami is now publishing a weekly newsletter:

If you didn't get today's issue this morning, go on line and enter your email address. When you click on, you'll come to:

South Miami City News & Updates

Stay connected by subscribing here for timely information and alerts on city services programs, and people – as well as local, state, and national advisories.

Then click on the blue here and enter your information.

(4) At the direction of Governor DeSantis, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has issued an Emergency Order extending all Florida driver licenses, commercial driver licenses and identification cards that expire March 16 through April 30, 2020.

(5) This morning our Police Department - in their full regalia and with car lights flashing - handed out 600 donuts (wrapped in brown paper bags) at shift-change to the healthcare workers at South Miami Hospital. This was South Miami's way to say "THANK YOU" to the hard working people who are caring for hospitalized patients. Commissioners Gil and Welsh, City Manager Alexander, Hospital CEO Duquette, myself and other hospital officials were there to applaud as the workers walked past the police officers who were holding and waving colorful home-made thank you signs. After the event, the signs were collected and later taped up on the walls in the hospital. There were lots of smiling eyes visible above all the masks.

(6) As a way to gradually resume normality, there is talk (TALK) about opening parks and golf courses on a limited basis. It's being called the Open Space Roll-out. I'll let you know, as soon as there is anything definite. In the meantime, the government has gotten into providing guidance on how to exercise at home. It's called Move Your Way.

(7) An email came to me from the External Affairs Manager at FPL. He wanted you to know that the following decisions have been made at FPL:

· Disconnections – For customers experiencing difficulty paying their bills, FPL will be suspending disconnections while Florida remains under a state of emergency.

· Payment Extensions – FPL will continue to develop payment extensions for customers who accrue a balance during this time to avoid bill shock.

· Late Fees – FPL will work with customers and waive certain late fees that are incurred during the COVID-19 crisis and while Florida is under a state of emergency.

· Financial Support – In addition to the above, FPL has donated millions of dollars throughout this crisis to organizations like the United Way and other recognizable organizations. If there is a smaller, local organization you are familiar with in your area that is involved in food security during this time, please provide its name and contact information to me and we will consider supporting it as well.

I encourage your residents to reach out to us at

or call us at 1-800-226-3545.

(8) For more information about (1) whether or not you need to file taxes in order to get a relief check and (2) how to file for unemployment benefits, click here to see an informational flyer.

(9) Yesterday I noted that Congresswoman Donna Shalala would be holding a Town Hall Meeting with South Miami and Pinecrest. Here are the details:

Enough already: bye --------->

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