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Rent Relief

Vol. 1 No. 35 July 12, 2020

APPLY for ONE MONTH'S RENT: Tuesday - Friday

Miami-Dade County has just approved a program to provide one month's rent:

The url in the above announcement is active below:

Click here for additional details, including what paperwork is needed and the best method to use in applying (Do it on line.).


On Friday, I was interviewed by Prof. Xavier Cortada for his Miami Corona Project. One of the questions that he asked was: "How has the pandemic impacted you personally?" I wrote up my response so that he could include it on the final video's web page:

The pandemic has laid another layer of sadness on top of several on-going concerns: (1) the current crumbling of the U.S.A. (2) the impact of climate change – specifically sea-level rise - and (3) the imminent economic crisis. In trying to imagine that there is a sound reason why all these things are happening, I come up with an analogy. That is: the earth is treating its infestation of people in the same the way that I treat the infestation in my house of carpenter ants. I try poison, sprays, swatting, tenting in attempts to slow or stop the inevitable damage to a house I improve and maintain. The earth drowns with tsunamis and flooding, swats with hurricanes, confuses with unpredictable temperatures and rainfall, poisons with a pandemic in order to get people to stop polluting the beauty it has been creating and nurturing for millennia.
The pandemic may not be the result of pollution, but its continuing spread results from the same indifference to consequences as pollution. For both global problems ways to improve them exist; unified global will power does not. Once, again, I am back to doing what I can in my own sphere and urging those around me to follow suit.

During the interview he also asked how the pandemic had impacted my city and what I thought would help.


I will be one of the presenters on a Zoom presentation called Challenges & Opportunities for Florida Solar: A Mid-Year Analysis. This is from 4pm to 5 pm on July 21. To register click: Mostly, my portion will be to review all the steps the City of South Miami has taken and will be taking to become non-polluting.


Keep healthy, stay safe!

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