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Vol 1, No. 19 May 1, 2020

The idea of walking behind the garbage collection truck and taping Issue 18 to empty garbage bins sounded like a piece of cake. However, even with help along one route yesterday, I became exhausted and pretty much discouraged. So many of the houses we passed had not put their bins out: thus there were many households along the way we traveled where no flyer was left. I ask you who are reading this to let your neighbors know that this newsletter is available - as are the past 18 - online:

I attended a Zoom meeting of 15 or so other Miami-Dade County Mayors Thursday. State Attorney Rundle told us about actions her office has taken as a result of the virus. One thing that she is concerned about is that the safer at home rule has become dangerous for some. While certain kinds of crime have decreased since the crisis started, domestic violence has risen. She is concerned that some people are staying in abusive homes, because they are scared that the shelters are communal living. She explained that shelters have units; that they are not communal living, nor communal dining. She said there is available shelter for adults, their children and pets. All the shelters are following CDC regulations about wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

Have you completed the 2020 Census questionnaire for your household? As of April 27 about 46% of south Miami households have not yet completed the questionnaire.

"The 2020 Census is a constitutionally mandated once-a-decade count of our nation. It is critical that we achieve a complete and accurate count of everyone living in the United States because the results determine how many representatives in Congress each state has — and how more than $675 billion federal dollars are distributed each year into communities for the next decade. The 2020 Census results inform spending for critical services like schools, hospitals, roads, fire departments, and much more.

Census Accelerate is launching this prize competition to reward 2020 Census-related videos with the highest visibility (or viral potential) and the highest impact (i.e., ability to move people to respond to the census). The challenge focuses on short-format video content. The Census Bureau is conducting this challenge under the authority of and in accordance with the America COMPETES Act, as amended, 15 U.S.C. § 3719.

The challenge:

Explain why the census matters in a short (30 seconds to 3 minutes) video, designed for a platform such as YouTube, that uses entertainment, emotion, creativity, and/or humor to motivate people to respond.

Deadline extended to: 05/07/2020 11:59 PM ET" Find out more by clicking The challenge (above) or on the following link:

This from AARP: Fitness experts share 10-minute workouts you can do in your living room.

Click on the following url [yes, all of it]:

Management at South Miami Hospital is organizing a Caravan of Gratitude to show its healthcare workers - who are on the front line - how grateful we all are for their care and carefulness. "On Wednesday, May 13th we would love for our community to come and show their support with a basically a parade of cars with signs, music, honking horns, etc.,  driving by a few of the entrances of the hospital.  We are hoping to schedule it for 12 noon as many employees can take a break and come outside at that time.  We will be providing you with a map of the route prior to the event." When I know more about the final plans, I will let you know. Maybe you can get your children to draw some good signs and pick out some good music to play loudly. If you plan to join the caravan, please let me know as the Hospital staff wants an estimate of how long the caravan will last. THANKS! What ? Of course, I'll be there!

Have you run out of books to read? Do you miss going to the Library? Why not try downloading or streaming or listening to audio books? Click on this url:

Take care and stay safe!

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