• Sally B. Philips

P.S. A bit more to think about

I have learned since yesterday that there are a few more observations to communicate.

First, many of our churches have found technological ways for people to worship together: online video, zoom, live streaming, etc. I like knowing that.

And on-line - I am sure many of you have discovered - there are a number of work-out sessions to follow.

Second, I should have remembered to include this: Any senior over 65 in Miami-Dade who needs assistance getting food, can call 311. The County will deliver food using CDC food handling guidelines. Meals will be delivered weekly. It is not necessary for the senior to be a member of an existing program.

Third, Being counted is very, very important. For instance, when the government is ready to parcel out shares of recovery funds or materials, it needs to know how many people are covered. No matter where you’re from, or your nationality. No matter your immigration status or who you live with, for the U.S. Census, everyone who lives here counts, even those who you wouldn’t think count. The census counts everyone so that things get better for all of us. And that is what matters. Learn more at I filled mine out on line: it was fun, in a way, and interesting. So you may not want to stand up and be counted ['cause who'd see you now], but please fill out the forms - on line - on paper - and send them in!

Keep up your distancing, keep up your hand washing. If you'd like to see and hear some entertaining lyrics, click on the following:

Take care, All! - Sally

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