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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Vol. 2, No. 7 March 19, 2021


They came this morning and in about an hour they were finished. They rolled back my rugs, removed pictures that were in the way, set up a ladder, and snaked a long 6" hose up my front walk and into the house. One man climbed up into the crawl space above my ceiling and aimed the hose, while the other operated the pump. Light, puffy spun fiberglass was blown between the roof beams. Then, they pulled the hose back into their truck, vacuumed up the few puffs that had fallen out of the hose, replaced my rugs, re-hung my pictures, and before saying "Good-bye," showed me cell phone pictures of their work. Now time will tell whether the six inches of fluff they left throughout the attic will make a difference in my cooling bill. I expect so.

Twenty-four other homeowners have signed up for this free insulation that comes as a grant to the City. It is part of a strategy to cut back on the use of electricity: to save on cooling and heating energy. There may be another time for more people to sign up. I will let you know.

Stay healthy, keep safe.

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