• Sally B. Philips

Mites Destroyed and Food Distributed

Vol. 1, No. 32 June 17, 2020


The Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry, reports that there is a mite feeding on lychee trees that is causing extensive damage. Ms Dwyer writes:

The link provided above can be clicked on HERE.

One of the preventive measures the County would apply a sulfur-based miticide to the trees. Dr. Philip Stoddard stated that "The sulfur treatment they are using will not pose significant hazards to people, wildlife, pets, or the water supply."

If you have lychee trees in your yard, you may want to contact the Division of Plant Industry so that your trees can be protected.


Sometimes it seems like

But it is not, and gradually, gradually we are carefully doing more things .

Please keep healthy and stay safe.

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