• Sally B. Philips

Grateful for More

Vol. 1, No. 51 November 27, 2020


There is still time to apply for a $100 dollar gift certificate. If you have suffered a loss of income due to the COVID pandemic, you can apply at City Hall for a gift certificate. There you will need to fill out an affidavit certifying that you have lost income due to the pandemic. The City Clerk or her Deputy will notarize your statement without charge.


Two events are going to take place on December 3rd. First: you are cordially invited to the Ribbon Cutting for the new, free and green on-demand shuttle service: Freebee. The event will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at the East entrance of City Hall.



Every year the City budgets for plans to improve areas or roads or buildings throughout South Miami. This year, for instance, several areas will have drains put in to stop flooding when it rains. There will be some streets that are repaved. Two city buildings will have solar panels installed on their roofs. To see what is planned and what is in process, a list has been posted on the City's website: At the first page, click on COMMUNITY (1). Then click on CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROJECTS FY 21 (2) at the top of the far right column. Several pdf pages will open for reading or printing.

Keep healthy, stay safe!

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