• Sally B. Philips

Dangerous Traffic

Vol. 2, No. 19 14 September 2021

Last night a meeting was held at City Hall to discuss the results and recommendations of a Traffic Calming Study that was ordered by the City. The PowerPoint presented at the meeting is posted on the City's website: Click on the orange CITYWIDE TRAFFIC CALMING STUDY PRESENTATION.

A survey has been set up to gather the opinions of the South Miami residents. It asks four questions. It will be available until September 27. Click here to go to the survey. The important questions, from my point of view, are about (1) what intersections have not been listed, and (2) what calming solutions are considered most effective.

One of the interventions listed was "education." During the course of some discussion, it was suggested that a committee of residents meet with the Police Department to work on ways to educate people in our city about driving safely for the benefit of all our neighbors. It was pointed out that not all speeding or carelessness is done by passers-through; that some residents are unsafe drivers, also. I would like to hear from you if you are interested in attending or participating in such a meeting. (

Please keep healthy and stay safe!

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