• Sally B. Philips


Vol 1, No. 37 July 18, 2020


Individuals ... can now be cited by MDPD or by Miami-Dade Code Enforcement, both of which have authority to issue tickets with fines of ups to $100. Seems it would be better to be lax in South Miami twice - here one would be warned once and fined $50 at the next warning.

I've been thinking about "being forced" to wear a mask. In some ways it's really similar to being forced to stop at red lights. When the roads are empty, it seems silly to be sitting all alone waiting for a light to change. When you can't see the virus, it seems silly to wear a mask. BUT there are some really interesting experiments which show the effectiveness of being behind a mask - remember they work both ways - protecting you from someone else's germs as well as protecting others from yours. Read about these experiments which show how effective social distancing and masks are:


There are 18 testing sites open to all Miami-Dade county residents. The closest to South Miami - at 7.9 miles - is Marlins Park. The furthest is 27.5 miles away. Even the most distant one is within a 40-minute drive (depending, of course, on the time of day).


Take care, stay healthy, be safe.

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