• Sally B. Philips

Corrections and Urgings

Vol. 3, No. 13 23 June 2022


In yesterday's post I said that I thought there would be a public hearing about the zoning along the Rapid Transit lines in front of the full Board of County Commissioners on July 19. That was not an accurate statement. The only public hearing will be on Wednesday, July 13, at 2:00 in front of the Chairman's Council of Policy. This meeting will be held in the Commission Chambers at 111 NW First Street, 2nd floor. The building is located at the Government Center MetroRail station.

Please refer to yesterday's post - click here - for more details about speaking in front of the Council.

I have VERY strong feelings about this proposed legislation. If passed, it will take away from the City of South Miami the power to regulate it's own zoning in about 1/2 of the City's total area - all of town center along Sunset Drive from Red to Ludlam Roads diagonally along the MetroRail tracks.

In addition, it does not address (1) the current severe shortage of sound and adequate sewage lines and treatment plants. It does not address (2) the possibility that sea level rise will contaminate or decrease the amount of potable water. It does not address (3) the significant need for workforce and affordable housing.

It seems to me that, before any significant increase in density is allowed, the County should be moving forward on assuring that drinkable water and safe (non-leaky) sewage handling will be available for decades in the future. Florida is made up of very porous rock, and salt water intrusion could contaminate drinking water and make septic tanks inoperable. While some people joke that they will eventually have ocean front property, swimming from their front yards may be very stinky and unhealthy.

If you will, please make a point of writing to all the County Commissioners about your opinion of this proposed legislation. Please do write before the Public Hearing. Almost all of the full Board is on the Council.

(Their email addresses all have the same format: -

where X is the number of the District each represents. There are 13 Districts)

As far as I know , if the proposed Ordinance passes through the Council, it will be voted on by the Board of County Commissioners on July 19.


June is Gay Pride Month. I wrote about June 28 in the last issue. However, I neglected to say that it is designated Gay Pride Day. "Christopher Street Liberation Day on June 28, 1970, marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots with the march, which was the first Gay Pride march in New York history, and covered the 51 blocks to Central Park."

As far as I am concerned, the more we celebrate healthy human differences and appreciate them without condemning them, the better. For me non-healthy is the opposite of acceptance, gentleness, kindness, generosity, helpfulness, happiness, peacefulness, respect, etc.

May we all enjoy June 28!

Keep healthy and stay safe!

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