• Sally B. Philips

Apologies are in Order

It has been called to my attention that "Reemployment assistance" is too "technical." "[I]t is commonly known as unemployment to the regular, common, ordinary citizens that are out of work. Even the link you provided says UNEMPLOYMENT. It is apparent that you would rather cost innocent people a lifeline check than do the right thing and make this offer of applications clear." The link I provided was: The first sentence at that page is: Florida’s unemployment insurance program is called Reemployment Assistance.

I hope that I may have not caused someone to lose a lifeline check. There are other libraries where applications are available. The message I sent two days ago stated: "Unemployment applications in English, Spanish and Creole and envelopes to return them in will be available for pickup at tables outside the library entrances from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. seven days a week until further notice. Residents can take the application home to fill out and then return it in the sealed envelope by dropping it off in the library location’s book drop or at any CareerSource South Florida location. For a complete list of the 26 libraries, click on: M-DPLS Reemployment Applications.

There are some new publications about the Payroll Protection Plan. One is called the Fact Sheet. The other is:

If you are having difficulty connecting to documents that I have tried to live-link, please let me know. If there is any lack of clarity about what I have written, please let me know. Thank you, all, for finding these missives informational and for helping me share information.

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