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A Steep Climb to Safety

Vol. 3, No. 6 1 May 2022


The Tropical Audubon Society (TAS) is celebrating its 75th year this year . The Society's headquarters in the Doc Thomas House is a block away from our town center. On March 24, CBS News Miami erred in stating that this historical landmark is located in South Miami. [Here is the article.] However, the house and the 2.2 acre Steinberg Nature Center are close enough to be a couple of really special things about South Miami. The 90-year-old house itself is undergoing extensive restoration. Every effort is being made to use materials and methods similar to those of the original builders. Of course, this is expensive and the Society is in the midst of a fund raiser. You can help this endeavor by donating online here.

The next tour of the house will be on May 7th. Click here for more information.


The City of South Miami is now the owner/operator of the mid-town garage. That garage has been avoided by many, but quickly the reasons for that avoidance are being remedied. The garage has been newly painted; new lights have been installed; the monthly parking fee has been reduced. South Miami police will be patrolling the garage almost hourly. Plans for more improvements are in process. Going forward, there should be no complaints about a lack of available parking. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

I've been having fun thinking of advertising slogans for the garage: a steep climb to safety.

a runner's Everest

the closest port to treasures

the closest port to satisfaction

it’s here, you got it

you’re here, you got it

best stop in town

the best of the best in the best

I'd be interested in knowing what you devise.


To learn more about revolving loans, click here.

On the SFRPC web site to get to the application, click on "FSFRPC-RLF application."

To take the survey, click here.



May 14 is the 5K Seabird Run

Haulover Park is at 10800 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.


In an effort to discourage panhandling in our City Center, on April 19 the Commission considered two amendments to the Code of Ordinances. The one about panhandling in a number of areas and/or aggressively was passed. The penalties detailed in the first draft of Amendment to Section 15-60 were changed softened somewhat. (Click here to read that first draft.) The Amendment to Section 15-8 about sleeping in public spaces passed the first reading. (Here is the draft of what will come for a second reading on May 3.)

HOWEVER, if people give money to panhandlers, they will not go away. Most often, our police force can not be summoned in enough time to arrest someone who is panhandling. I've been told Miami-Dade County does not imprison the panhandlers our police take to the jail. It's a revolving door and the worst that the panhandler has to face is a long walk back to South Miami. I have heard that there are panhandlers who have residences in another part of the County who commute to South Miami, because they can make a good daily living.


Recycling is a good idea. Unfortunately, in many ways it is not effective. (Here is a USA Today article that explains why recycling has limited benefit .) Even so, I remain an avid recycler. What I need to do - and what I hope everyone else will do - is be more selective about what I put in the recycling bins.

Recycling Dos and Dont’s


- Plastic water and beverage bottles,

- Milk & water jugs,

- Detergent, shampoo, liquid soap containers

- Drink boxes, juice cartons and milk cartons

- Glass (food & beverage containers only. Clear, green and

brown glass only)

- Aluminum cans and bottles

- Other steel cans (food and beverage containers only)

- Clean dry newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone

books, printer paper, copier paper, mail and other

office paper without wax liners

- Cardboard packing boxes, cereal boxes, gift boxes and

corrugated cardboard;

- Remember to flatten all boxes before placing them in

your bin


NEVER plastic bags (these can be recycled at Publix).

Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags or put ANY

loose plastic bags in the recycling.

NO plastic film or wrappings or dry cleaning bags.

NO plastic bags, cups, utensils and plates

NO paper or cardboard with liquid or food waste

NO batteries

NO styrofoam products, egg cartons and trays,

NO margarine and butter tubs, yogurt cups, plastic

hangers (styrofoam can be recycled at Publix)

NO glass products: light bulbs, mirrors, glass cookware

or bakeware, or ceramics

NO wire coat hangers,

NO small appliances, microwave trays

NO home chemicals like paints, pesticides, pool

chemicals, fertilizers or other household hazardous


NO garbage or food waste

NO gas tanks

NO rocks, dirt, building debris,

NO garden hoses

NO holiday lights or decorations

NO medical waste or pharmaceuticals

NO electronic waste and accessories

NO computer monitors, TVs, printer cartridges,

keyboards, cell phones, CDs and DVDs

NO textiles: clothes, shoes, bedding, pillows, etc.

The above lists come from an article entitled Broward Faces a Costly Recycling Crisis ... (Read it here.)

I have heard that Pembroke Pines has stopped its recycling program.

Doomsday may not be in my life time, but I am going try to do what I can to keep it at bay.

Yup, we all know: some problems will only vanish if everyone participates in fixing them. Thank you for doing your best!

Stay healthy and keep safe!

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