South Miami, Florida


Need a Reemployment Application?

I just found out that tomorrow - Wednesday, April 8 - applications will be available at South Miami Library. The drive though will be...

Details Change Fast

I have been setting aside items of interest to write about to you. What I am finding is that almost immediately, the details that were...

No Eggs!

There is a poster on Facebook that says that there is an Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday, April 8, at Marshall Williamson Park. That event...

Where to start?

Information just keeps coming. Our US Representative, Donna Shalala sent these up-dates in her message today: Congress has approved the...

P.S. A bit more to think about

I have learned since yesterday that there are a few more observations to communicate. First, many of our churches have found...

State of Emergency

The City has gone into a "lock down" of sorts. Many of the employees who usually work at City Hall are working from home. The Police Depar



South Miami, FL